Social Media Marketing

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make,
but about the stories, you tell.

At Soft System Solution, we align ourselves with businesses across every industry to create custom social media marketing campaigns that increase your brand awareness, recall, and consumer interaction rates, thereby boosting your social presence.

Market Analysis

Research & analysis of your competition’s social media marketing and the latest trends in the industry, both yours and ours.

Brand Building

Campaign strategy to create brand awareness, increase reach, diversify audience & build a strong relationship with customers.

Content Strategy

Content creation that is timely, exciting, in-sync with trends & interactive with audiences to ensure maximum brand recall.

Social Interaction

Social listening & community building by integrating relevant hashtags, geotags & automated responses, among others.

Social Advertising

Create campaign-centric ad strategies based on budget and optimize effectively to ensure maximum ROI.

Social Reporting

Evaluate social media analytics, & identify opportunities for growth in engagement or referral traffic based on data and industry trends